I'm Magnus, an Illustrator, BOOK COVER DESIGNER
& surface pattern designer from Norway.

I work freelance from my studio in Oslo, where I translate my creative ideas and thoughts
into vibrant and eye-catching designs. My style is a combination of something graphic,
colourful and fun, with a retro yet modern feel to it. 

I have a BA in Visual Communication from Bergen Academy of Art and Design
in Norway, and Kolding School of Design, in Denmark.

I love coffee, books, peppermint, chocolate and seahorses. I also like roller coasters.

Selected clients:
Q-meieriene / Grid Design / Synnøve Finden / Scandza / Gyldendal Forlag / Cappelen Damm / Egmont Publishing / Aschehoug Forlag / Vigmostad & Bjørke / Fortellerforlaget
Fjeldheim & Partners / Font Forlag / Schibsted Forlag / Mangschou Forlag / Bazar Forlag / The Fan Club / Richard Chapman Studio 
Shark Swimwear / Centerteam / Savile / THE DOT / DNK / Gas AS Interface / Alles für Selbermacher